Benefits Of Having An Online Therapy Session While At Work

8 November 2019
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Therapy can be a good idea if you routinely face workplace stress, but if you often find yourself waiting several days to talk to your therapist, there may be a better way. In some jobs, it may be possible for you to speak to an online therapist while you're at your desk. Many therapists provide online counseling, and some don't need much notice before they can meet with you virtually. This means that if you've faced a particularly stressful event at work, you can check your therapist's availability. Read More 

The Benefits Of Online Mental Health Therapy

5 August 2019
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More and more websites are popping up that are offering online mental health therapy. These websites allow you to talk to a counselor, mental health professional, or psychiatrist via email, online chat, or online video. These online therapists can work with you to treat many different mental health problems, including eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. If you have been considering utilizing online mental health therapy, you may wonder what the benefits are. Read More 

3 Impactful Benefits Of Professional Counseling For Those Struggling With Depression

22 June 2019
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Struggling with depression on a consistent basis can take its toll on you mentally. Even the simplest chores may seem impossible when depression rears its ugly head. If you're in this place, consider counseling. It can help with this condition in the following ways.  Pinpoint the Root Cause An instrumental part of any counseling session is identifying the root cause of the problem. In the case of depression, your counselor will assess your particular depression, lifestyle, family genetics, and past experiences. Read More 

Why Marriage Counselors Don’t Fix Marriages (And What That Means)

20 February 2019
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Many people who come to marriage counseling come with the misguided notion or misconception that a marriage counselor fixes marriages. That is simply not so. The marriage counselor is there to help you and your spouse figure out if your marriage can be fixed and saved, but it is not the job of the marriage counselor to fix what is broken. Here is what the marriage counselor actually does, and why you should come to the meetings prepared to accept the tasks and work set for you. Read More