Benefits Of Having An Online Therapy Session While At Work

8 November 2019
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Therapy can be a good idea if you routinely face workplace stress, but if you often find yourself waiting several days to talk to your therapist, there may be a better way. In some jobs, it may be possible for you to speak to an online therapist while you're at your desk. Many therapists provide online counseling, and some don't need much notice before they can meet with you virtually. This means that if you've faced a particularly stressful event at work, you can check your therapist's availability. If he or she is around, you can load your video conferencing software and speak about the issue right then and there. Here are some benefits of taking this immediate approach.

The Issue Is Fresh

Speaking to a therapist while you're still upset about something stressful at work can be advantageous. Doing so allows you to share your full frustration about the event, which can help your therapist understand you. In a session a week later, you'd likely feel calmer, and your calm demeanor may not reveal just how stressful the situation was. Additionally, if you're talking about something right after it has happened, you'll be able to more easily recall all of the details — whether it was an argument with a colleague or a poor performance review from your manager.

You Won't Lose Productivity

One of the challenging things about significant periods of workplace stress is that they can hinder your productivity for the rest of the day. An upsetting moment during the morning may cause you to struggle throughout the afternoon, perhaps producing work that is below your usual caliber or maybe not getting something done before a deadline. Having a quick online session with your therapist should hopefully result in you moving through the stressful issue, which should allow you to be productive for the rest of the day.

You Can Use Company Time

When you're attending therapy sessions because of workplace stress, it can be a bit annoying to seek out this help on your own time. You may feel as though your job is upsetting you, and you're spending your time away from the office going over the issues that are present at work. An online therapy session at work is ideal because you're using company time, rather than your own time. Some proactive companies approve of their employees using company time for stress-related counseling. If yours doesn't, you can always have your session during your lunch break.

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