5 Ways A Professional Intervention Can Help Family Members Of An Addict

22 December 2015
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One way to help a loved one suffering with addiction to realize their problems and begin to seek treatment is to organize a professional intervention. A professional intervention involves friends and family members coming together, led by an interventionist, to express their concern for a person in their life suffering from addiction. The main goal of most interventions is to convince an addict that they need help fighting their addiction by helping them recognize the negative affects their addiction has on their family. Read More 

Counseling Can Be A Good Idea For Money-Related Stress

10 December 2015
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If you are at a point in your life where you spend a lot of time worrying about money, your bills, and your lack of retirement savings, it might be time to seek help from a professional counselor. A lot of people have anxiety because of the extreme debt they have, and these worries lead to stress, which is very bad for your health. If you are in a bad financial state, you might be at a higher risk for developing health problems, but you might be able to find some relief from this stress by getting treatment for anxiety. Read More 

5 Tips For Getting Your Spouse To Go To Counseling

30 April 2015
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When facing a difficult time in your marriage, couples counseling can be immensely beneficial. A great therapist can help the two of you navigate relationship challenges, become better at communicating with and appreciating each other, and help you to understand each other's perspectives. Unfortunately, just because couples counseling may be a great idea doesn't mean your spouse sees it that way. One spouse resisting counseling is actually a pretty common problem. Read More 

The Little Details And The Big Picture: Rekindling Emotional Closeness In Your Marriage

3 April 2015
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Even though divorces can happen for serious reasons, like infidelity or abuse, many divorces in America happen simply because the love and romance behind the marriage contract slowly fade away. One article lists lack of intimacy, unmet expectations, and a loss of individuality as some of the reasons why couples contemplate divorce. These problems usually come when the closeness and trust you built during the early years is not longer there. Read More 

When Your Better Half Is Blue: Couples Counseling And Depression

2 April 2015
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When you got married, friends and family members were probably full of advice. Perhaps they advised you about the rough roads the two of you might have to travel further down the marriage journey, and, preoccupied with seating arrangements, cake, and flowers, you brushed their comments aside. However, you and your spouse are now traversing one of those rough roads of marriage--depression--and have spun off into a ditch. How can you tell if your spouse is depressed? Read More