How To Set Your Teen Up For Success At A Substance Abuse Clinic

10 March 2021
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Some teenagers will experience problems with drugs and alcohol in their lives. Luckily, there are some substance abuse clinics that specifically cater to adolescents. Here are four things you can do to set your teen up for a successful experience at a substance abuse clinic.

1. Give your teenager an idea of what they can expect at the clinic.

Most people find new and unfamiliar experiences at least a little frightening, especially when they have little control over them. Checking into a substance abuse clinic can be alarming for teenagers, but you can help your teen manage their fear by researching a substance abuse clinic with them. Your teen can learn about the detox process and the counseling they will receive at a substance abuse clinic. You can also discuss rules and expectations with your teenager, so they will be better prepared for the regulations they will encounter at the clinic.

2. Help your teenager choose a comfort item to bring with them.

Comfort items are small items with sentimental value that can help a person feel more at ease. A comfort item may be a favorite childhood stuffed animal or blanket. Some people find certain books or items of clothing comforting. You can help your teen prepare to check into a substance abuse clinic by encouraging them to choose a comfort item to bring with them. Make sure to read the list of allowed and disallowed items at the clinic beforehand. Your teen will not be allowed to bring certain personal items into the clinic, such as cellphones and computer tablets.

3. Speak to your teenager on the phone or in person as often as allowed during the process.

Teenagers often rebel against their families, but that doesn't mean they don't care about them. Your presence and support will be very valuable to your teen while they're in treatment. If your teen enrolls in an inpatient treatment facility, they will live on-site for the duration of their treatment. You can show your love and support by calling your teen often.

4. Make yourself available for family counseling sessions.

Addiction counseling is an integral part of the substance abuse recovery process. Many teen substance abuse treatment centers also offer family counseling to help teens work out difficulties with their parents and siblings. You can help your teenager by cooperating with this process. Attend the family counseling sessions you are invited to and participate in the therapeutic process.

For more information, reach out to a resource like LifeLine For Youth.