3 Things You Need To Know About Fighting Addictions

5 May 2017
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Addictions are real and can entirely change the course of your life. They can start when you are just a young child and can continue into adulthood and elderly years. There are many people who battle substance abuse, drug addiction, and even behavioral addictions all the way to the grave, while there are others who find relief and healing. You might be wondering what the difference is. Although every person is different and unique, here are some common things among those who find healing.

1. They Recognize That Their Life Has Become Unmanageable and That They Are No Longer In Control

The idea that you have to give up control seems counter-intuitive to many people. They think that those who can overcome addictions are those with the strongest will power. Although a strong desire and will power is important, it is not enough on its own. If you try to fight it yourself you are likely to fail. Instead, you have to admit the severity of the addiction, and realize just how out of control your life has become. Once you realize that you cannot do it alone, and that you cannot fight your way out of it without help, you will really be on the path of healing.

Accepting help can come from professional services, family, and admitting to some sort of higher power.

2. You Have To Want It For Yourself

Many addicts go to treatment because they have received an ultimatum from their family, the law, their employment, etc. Although this is a good reason and good start to recovery, it is not enough to just go because your spouse wants you there. You have to want healing independent of any of those things. Even if you are fired from your job, would you still fight for your recovery? Or are you only fighting to keep your job? You cannot control whether you keep your job. What you can control are your own actions. So find a reason that you want recovery and sobriety, and then start from there.

3. Recognize The Journey and Process

Many addicts have a hard time seeing their progress. They may be doing really well and then have a relapse. This is normal and doesn't mean that all the hard word you have done is worthless. It simply means you had a setback, but you can still move forward. This kind of mindset can keep you motivated during the hard times. Click here for more.