Benefits Of An Outpatient Substance Abuse Program

17 April 2023
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If you struggle with substance abuse, you can get help by joining a program. You'll typically have the choice between an inpatient and outpatient program. If you're considering an outpatient program, you might be wondering what the benefits would be of joining one. Here are some of the benefits of signing up for an outpatient substance abuse program: More Affordable than Inpatient Programs Because inpatient programs provide you with a place to sleep, food, etc. Read More 

Understanding Your Emotions: The Root Cause Of Unhealthy Eating Habits

19 January 2023
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Everyone has their own unique triggers for unhealthy eating habits, but at the root of these habits lies their emotions. You can't always pinpoint the exact cause of why you eat when you're feeling down or stressed, but with a little exploration, it can be discovered and controlled. Here are some common emotional triggers that might lead to unhealthy eating habits. Unresolved Emotional Issues Unresolved emotional issues can be a major trigger for unhealthy eating habits. Read More