Substance Abuse Myths Patients Often Believe

4 June 2017
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Substance abuse problems can be some of the most destructive issues that a person can develop. When a person is suffering from this type of problem, they may engage in behavior that jeopardizes their career and relationships. Sadly, taking the initiative to seek treatment can often be delayed due to individuals failing to have accurate information about this type of condition. Myth: Stopping An Addiction Is Simply A Matter Of Willpower Read More 

3 Things You Need To Know About Fighting Addictions

5 May 2017
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Addictions are real and can entirely change the course of your life. They can start when you are just a young child and can continue into adulthood and elderly years. There are many people who battle substance abuse, drug addiction, and even behavioral addictions all the way to the grave, while there are others who find relief and healing. You might be wondering what the difference is. Although every person is different and unique, here are some common things among those who find healing. Read More 

4 Signs That Your Toddler May Need To Be Screened For Autism

13 March 2017
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Autism is defined as a neurodevelopmental disorder that can manifest in different ways. People with autism may show signs of cognitive impairments, difficulty communicating, social impairments, and repetitive behavior. Autism is a spectrum disorder, so a person with autism may have very mild symptoms to very severe symptoms. Early intervention is believed to be very beneficial to young children with autism. You may want to have your child screened for autism if he or she has the following symptoms: Read More 

5 Ways A Professional Intervention Can Help Family Members Of An Addict

22 December 2015
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One way to help a loved one suffering with addiction to realize their problems and begin to seek treatment is to organize a professional intervention. A professional intervention involves friends and family members coming together, led by an interventionist, to express their concern for a person in their life suffering from addiction. The main goal of most interventions is to convince an addict that they need help fighting their addiction by helping them recognize the negative affects their addiction has on their family. Read More 

Counseling Can Be A Good Idea For Money-Related Stress

10 December 2015
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If you are at a point in your life where you spend a lot of time worrying about money, your bills, and your lack of retirement savings, it might be time to seek help from a professional counselor. A lot of people have anxiety because of the extreme debt they have, and these worries lead to stress, which is very bad for your health. If you are in a bad financial state, you might be at a higher risk for developing health problems, but you might be able to find some relief from this stress by getting treatment for anxiety. Read More