Why Marriage Counselors Don’t Fix Marriages (And What That Means)

20 February 2019
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Many people who come to marriage counseling come with the misguided notion or misconception that a marriage counselor fixes marriages. That is simply not so. The marriage counselor is there to help you and your spouse figure out if your marriage can be fixed and saved, but it is not the job of the marriage counselor to fix what is broken. Here is what the marriage counselor actually does, and why you should come to the meetings prepared to accept the tasks and work set for you. Read More 

What to Do When You Can’t Live with Your Kids Anymore

1 November 2018
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People rarely think about the fact that raising kids is, at a minimum, a twenty-year commitment. That does not take into account the additional twenty years per kid, nor does it take into account raising children with special needs. People who want to be parents think about how much fun it will be to have kids, and then reality sets in when they do have them. Yes, kids are fun, but they can also tax your system, wear you out, wear you down, and frequently make you crazy. Read More 

Stop Isolating Yourself And Begin To Interact With Others

26 June 2018
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If you are slowly slipping into a life of solitude and seldom leave your home due to your fear of encountering a dangerous situation, the media and news stories that you have been reading about may be the cause of your gradual decline and apprehension about being around others. Use some tactics to prevent isolating yourself further and begin to interact with others. Speak Openly About Your Fears Your fears are very real to you, and you have every right to feel the way that you do. Read More 

Unique Approaches to Treating Mental Health Disorders You Should Know About

2 March 2018
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If you are suffering from a mental health disorder, whether it is depression, bipolar disorder, or another disorder, you may be wondering what you can and should do to deal with the issues you are struggling with. There are many different counseling approaches to dealing with and treating mental health disorders. Therapy and counseling are not a one-size-fits-all form of treatment and different people can benefit from different approaches. Sometimes, it is even beneficial to incorporate multiple treatment approaches into a treatment program. Read More 

4 Tips For Dealing With Teen Substance Abuse

6 December 2017
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The last thing you may want to hear about is your teenager abusing drugs or alcohol. This can be a challenging situation to try and overcome, but there are numerous things you can do to help. Working with your teenager to eliminate this habit is sure to be ideal, and knowing specific tips to assist in a situation of this type are important as a parent. Tip #1: Stay positive Read More